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Plumbing & HVAC Skilled Labour Shortage

Focusing on Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Heater, Sump Pumps, Faucets, Toilets, Water Lines, Drain Lines, Fireplace, Boiler and Water Softener installers and service technician shortage.

The country conservatively anticipates a skilled trades labour shortage in all of the trades of 60,000 by 2025. With 700,000 skilled trades workers getting ready to retire by 2028 along with a 37% decline in registered apprentices last year this labour shortage number seems low.

97 % of Canadians believe there is a skilled trades labour shortage however 3 in 4 would never consider a skilled trade and only 2% of 15-year-old female students indicated that they were planning to pursue a career in the skilled trades.

Why is this?

Stigmas attached to some of the skilled trades such as plumbing is that it can be dirty, heavy, white collar type of work suited for men with a low rate of pay may attribute to this but it goes deeper than this. Skilled trades as a career have long not been supported or promoted by Hi-Schools or government but that is now slowly changing.

Why not a Skilled Trade?

Basic economics say that prices rise when demand exceeds supply and the demand for the skilled trades Plumbers and HVAC technicians is higher than ever.

Although there are some heavy & dirty parts to some of the trades it is mostly clean and satisfying work with health and safety being a hi concern among employers.

Skilled trades are quickly becoming an increasing hi rate of pay. You can earn as much or more than the traditional 4 year college/university degree and not have the overwhelming burden of debit some of these course come with once you are done.

You rarely do the same job every day. From repairs to water lines, sump pumps, water softeners, faucet installations, furnace or AC repairs you get to use critical thinking & problem solving skills every day. The satisfaction of helping clients by repairing, installing or building projects from plumbing for bathrooms & kitchens, gas lines for stoves, dryers, BBQ's, pool heaters, furnaces or air conditioners that take the skill set of a trades person is very rewarding.

You can even blend skilled trades. You can become a Licensed Plumber, gas fitter and even AC Mechanic.

People are now thinking highly of skilled trades and the skills required.

Males, females, younger and older people can be suited to this type of work.

With paid training, tool funding and benefits incentives its easier now than ever to consider a skilled trade in Plumbing, Heating or Air Conditioning.

What Next?

Ontario has recently launched skilled trades Ontario to streamline training and increase awareness and the number of people going into the trades., a comprehensive website that offers a one-stop national repository for information about the skilled trades. The site will help Canadians learn about the more than 300 skilled trades in Canada and the Red Seal trade designation.

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