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My Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling check list

The following are some things you can look for before calling in the professionals for an air conditioner that's not cooling.

1. Check the batteries in your thermostat. These should be replaced regularly. 2. Lower the temperatures setting on the thermostat a couple degrees more than the room temperature making sure the thermostat is set to cool and not heat. 3. Check that the air filter is clean. This is located by the furnace. Air flow is one of the most important parts of air conditioning. 4. Check that the outdoor disconnect switch located by the outside unit is turned on. This switch is to shut off the power to the outside unit in case servicing is needed. 5. Check that breakers or fuses assigned to the air conditioner are on. 6. Even if any of these options solve the issue, make sure to get your air conditioner unit serviced annually by an air conditioning professional. They will check refrigerant charge levels, temperatures, thermostats, filters, electrical components, clean the unit and more.

This service ensures peace of mind, covers warranty obligations and can save you more money in operating costs then the AC maintenance service call.

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