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Reasons to have your Air Conditioner serviced before the cooling season.

With furnaces and air conditioners not many people think of them until they are not working. With a thorough air conditioner and or furnace maintenance clean and check it can put your mind at ease that either of these units will be operation at peak performance when needed saving you money and in the long run.

If your still on the fence about this type of service we have listed below just a few reasons for this important yearly service that you should add to your spring to do list.

#1 Save Money

Proper air conditioner maintenance will allow your unit to run at a much more significant level. In effect, you will save money because of its efficiency on your monthly utility bills.

Less Wear and Tear on the Air Conditioning Unit.

Having your air conditioner maintenance up to date will ensure the unit will not overwork. This will cause it to work more efficiently and reduce the overall wear and tear on the unit.

#2 Better Air Quality

Proper air conditioner maintenance means clean air filters. Clean filters ensure the air is being filtered of dust and pollen from being circulated throughout your home. A clean outside unit (the AC condenser) will also stop pollen and pollutants from collecting in the AC condensers aluminum fins causing the AC condenser to work harder potentially damaging your air conditioning unit or furnace motor.

#3 Prevention is the Best Solution

Regular air conditioner maintenance will allow the detection of problems and potential problems before you are suffering through the hottest day of the year without an A/C. In addition, a smaller and inexpensive problem can grow to be a relatively expensive problem if it is not attended to. Proper air conditioner maintenance can detect these problems early and save you money.

#4 Warranty Validation

Like any type of mechanical equipment, your air conditioning system may unexpectedly fail. In this case, the manufacturer of the A/C system may offer a warranty to cover the failure. However, any warranty requires the owner have certain duty of care in order to redeem the warranty. To validate your warranty, you can include the receipt for the maintenance of your air conditioning system.

#5 Environmentally Sound

An air conditioner system that leaks refrigerant is releasing gases that harm the environment. A technician would normally capture and recycle them from your air conditioner. But it if it leaking, you may never know until the harmful gases have been emptied into the environment.

It's important to have your system tested to ensure it's leak free. Refrigerant leaks are not only harmful to the operation and overall efficiency of your unit, they're also harmful to the environment contributing to global warming

Contact your HVAC company of choice and schedule a yearly air conditioner maintenance before it gets hot and humid to ensure your A/C unit is in top condition.

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